App Visibility for the Modern Data Center

Even after being in the industry for many years, many admins still find it difficult to keep up with the constant, never-ending cycle of change happening in the tech industry. New vendors, hot startups; all with new products and better mousetraps, all telling you that what you’re using is not the best and you should be doing something different. As an admin in a modern data center, this is such a constant way of life (and frankly, has been for some time) that often times, they retreat back into blinky-light infrastructure nirvana.

But at a certain point change will be forced upon them.

We have reached that tipping point in modern data center IT where it’s not just about making sure your gear is online and available. You have to have discrete and granular visibility across the department, and across every layer of the stack. Application owners need to understand limits and thresholds on the gear they’re hosted on, and the infrastructure teams need to understand that the application owners don’t want to have to care about what gear they’re being hosted upon. 

It’s an interesting situation we’ve not been in too many times in the history of IT where visibility, transparency, and team integration all hold sway over silos and fiefdoms. While virtualization got us part of the way there, bringing application visibility to the forefront requires an even greater level of awareness.

Breaking down barriers  

 Even with all of the modernization of the technology itself, there is still a lagging willingness to adjust team structures and methodologies, especially within large IT organizations. Need a new server? Go ask the server admin. Need more storage? Server admin can’t help ya, go ask the storage admin. Need an additional interface configured? You’re going to need multiple people. The finger-pointing and email forwarding was (and still is) rampant.

IT departments have long searched for the “one GUI to rule them all” that can be spread across silos to centralize awareness, and breed better change control and interaction between teams. Every other vendor that presents to you will likely use the phrase “single pane of glass” at some point… but what if a company actually did it? What if, with a single application, barriers were torn down and full-stack visibility became a reality across the entire department, spanning server/storage/network teams… and then some?

Enter Uila

Uila is the first app of its kind that provides a holistic full-stack monitoring suite for the modern data center. This empowers teams to align business and operations goals into a single product, with application visibility and correlated network, compute, and storage insights to solve problems before end users are impacted.

Instead of wasting time in finger-pointing war room battles, you can easily pinpoint and prevent issues, and focus efforts on business acceleration projects. Uila enables application teams to be aware of services and other parts of their apps that might be consuming too much CPU, the networking teams to see if they could optimize routes or identify any east-west traffic issues, and storage teams to monitor utilization across all parts of the infrastructure.

Have we truly reached the single pane of glass nirvana for the modern data center?

We believe we have, and we’d love for you to try it! You can request a trial for the software from here

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Article By Chia-Chee Kuan – Uila