Migration to Cloud – Australian Energy Company Case Study

Using ditno Network Firewall to enable an Australian energy company to secure and efficiently manage hybrid environments

With teams in approximately 100 locations across Australia, this organization is a major regional employer in the utility sector, servicing over 800,000 regional, rural and remote homes and businesses. Their systems and the data within are critical and maximum uptime is essential for them to operate effectively. Using ditno’s Network Firewall they were able to secure and manage their hybrid environments.


The client’s IT team had an urgent need to efficiently utilize hybrid environments (internal plus AWS, Azure and Google) in order to enable agility for the business. They had adopted cloud in order to enable workloads to be moved around based on business need.

Securing all of the different environments required a significant amount of operational overhead in order to ensure that there was consistent application of policies…

Read the full case study by clicking on the link below to learn how ditno, a Matrium partner, implemented the solution and the key benefits that resulted:

ditno Case Study

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