Gigamon – Market Leader In Network Visibility

Gigamon - Matrium Technologies Partner

Gigamon provides network visibility and analytics on all traffic across physical, virtual and cloud networks to solve critical security and performance needs, allowing you to drive business optimisation. Gigamon has been the clear market leader in Network Visibility for 7 years in a row.

Networks in today’s world are complex with routers, switches, and ports (both physical and virtual). Your network could be based on-premises, use private or public cloud, be located at remote sites or a combination of all. Your network will consist of a number of tools (APM & NPM, SIEM, Firewalls) that consumes data and impacts network performance. Furthermore, you need to ensure you manage all of this in a seamless manner that allows secure data to pass and comply with changing regulations.

Gigamon helps achieve this by sitting between your tools and the infrastructure layer, through its comprehensive set of network visibility, analytics and optimisation solutions.

Gigamon reduces the complexity in your network and gives you visibility to streamline tools to generate a compelling ROI for any network operations.

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