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efficientiP - Matrium Partner

As one of the world’s fastest growing DDI vendors, EfficientIP helps organisations drive business efficiency through agile, secure and reliable network infrastructures. Our unified management framework for DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI) and network configurations ensures end-to-end visibility, consistency control and advanced automation. Additionally, our unique 360° DNS security solution protects data confidentiality and application access from anywhere at any time. Companies rely on us to help control the risks and reduce the complexity of challenges they face with modern key IT initiatives such as cloud applications, virtualisation, and mobility.

With over 25+ years in the network and application testing space, Matrium identified EfficientIP’s DDI technology as a stand out performer. So impressed with the company, the performance results and lack of capability in the market, Matrium asked to represent them throughout the region.

Thanks to its appliance suite SOLIDServer™, EfficientIP brings a brand new approach managing IPAM, DNS and DHCP services at the architecture level with a Plug & Play technology to deliver secured and highly available services.

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