Packet Design: Route Analytics & IP Route Management

Packet Design was founded with the goal of closing a critical network service assurance gap. Myriad vendor tools monitor and measure infrastructure health, bandwidth consumption, traffic composition, application response times, etc., but only Packet Design correlates the performance of critical services delivered across the network to routing behavior, in real time. When OSS/NMS dashboards are green but users are complaining of intermittent service outages or poor performance, Packet Design tells you why.

Packet Design and Matrium are enabling the self-driving networks of tomorrow. With testing and validation of designs in the lab through to next-gen analytics for millisecond by millisecond visibility into service path behavior, historical and predictive analytics in the live network, your operations environment is in good hands. Network teams are expected to deliver reliable network services. Yet brown-outs, intermittent disruptions, performance degradations, and other mysterious events still occur, and it is often difficult to determine if the problem is internal or in the service provider’s network. Our partnership helps customers plan, deploy, assure services and contain costs.

Packet Design Solutions