Ready? Get. Set. Virtualize

Virtualized regression means the Device Under Test (DUT) and test tools are either VMs or containers that run on commodity servers with little to no requirement for specialized hardware testing. This is true for the Virtual Device Under Test (vDUT). The test execution happens in a virtual environment where a virtual topology is created by connecting the networking elements based on pre-defined topology configurations. Virtualization of the regression testing platform can help decrease the number of bugs and increases code coverage in testing, thus reducing the time-to-market for hardware or VNF products.

virtualize pipeline

Virtualized Regression Pipeline

Spirent understands this challenge and developed a solution that alleviates the burden of creating new test cases by being 100% compatible with existing test cases. In addition to accelerating feature development, Spirent TestCenter Virtual lowers the cost of regression testing using a software-based test tool that supports all protocols, wizards, and automation APIs that Spirent TestCenter hardware supports. In fact, conversion to Spirent TestCenter Virtual is completely seamless for the vast majority of test cases, since these virtual solutions run on bare metal and also support leading hypervisor and cloud platforms such as OpenStack, VMware vCloud, Cloudstack, and Amazon Web Services.

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